Built Crooked to Go Straight

Much of humanity's naval heritage is represented in traditional Brazilian boats, more than in any other country on the globe. BUILT CROOKED TO GO STRAIGHT explores in depth the nautical knowledge of our anonymous master carpenters and presents their small-scale shipyards and the original communities where their knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, at the same time it researches the origins of traditional vessels in Portugal and shows some successful initiatives for the preservation of artisanal naval culture in that country. Its characters are simple people, most of them illiterate, but possessing an incredible knowledge of the hydrodynamic properties of each hull, the sailing system of each type of boat, construction techniques, in short, traditional boats from the various regions of the country. They even reach the level of mastering the coefficient of expansion of each type of wood used, making amazing boats without the use of a single nail or piece of metal.



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