Mar Brasil – 1st Season

Why does the death of the oceans put our own lives at risk? How can we protect the blue immensity that covers 70% of the planet? Is it possible to reverse the damage caused to the sea by human activity? In search of answers, the MAR BRASIL series presents the most recent initiatives to limit the destruction of the Brazilian sea and to preserve its vast biodiversity, from deep waters to the coastal zone of the South Atlantic. The series follows our coastline to identify the main threats to the Brazilian sea, clarifying the real dimension of the problem for the general public, but also highlighting possible solutions so that the most pessimistic predictions will not come true. In addition, it shows how some communities – with the support of NGOs, scientists and governments – are mobilizing to stop the degradation of the ocean. Each episode follows the daily activities of communities of fishermen and ‘caiçaras’ (traditional inhabitants of the coastal regions of southern Brazil) that live on this coast, together with researchers and environmentalists who develop innovative solutions for the most urgent problems that threaten the Brazilian sea.



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